Help our library get more books, and get free books for yourself

PJ Library is a program that sends a free Jewish book each month to children ages 0-8. Children do not have to be raised religious in order to participate, the program relies on families to self-identify, and the books (at least when our family participated) were inclusive of different levels of observance and cultural Jewishness. The books range from some with light mentions of G-d and religious texts, to books about Jewish holiday celebrations without any particular G-d content, to books about universal values (kindness, helping others, etc.) without specific Jewish content. While we at times found some of the books to be a little monotonous in a white suburban cishet sort of way, our very leftist Jewish family did not ever find them preachy or offensive in a religious or political way. 

Through the end of this week, PJ Library is offering existing and alumni families a $10 Amazon gift card for each referral. This means if you sign up your children for this completely free program, our library can get a $10 Amazon gift card. Please do this, and please share this with any families you know who might be interested in receiving Jewish books for ages 0-8. 

For us to get credited, please sign up here: