Our library gladly accepts donations of new or used books, or cash. 

Cash donations may be sent to or

Please have a look at our Amazon wish list. Books purchased from this list will be automatically shipped to us. However, if able, please consider purchasing the books from an independent book store and having them shipped to us or dropping them off to us yourself. We Need Diverse Books has a list of Black-owned, LGBTQ-owned, etc. bookstores available here

Books may be dropped off in the library if there is space. For larger donations, please leave them in a safe place in our yard during dryish weather, then e-mail to let us know to retrieve them.

The library's mission is to provide books that affirm diverse people, including but not limited to people who may be Black, indigenous, other people of color, immigrant, transgender, nonbinary, queer, disabled, autistic, neurodivergent, minority religious heritage, refugees, cash poor, multilingual, affected by incarceration/war/systems, and others. 

Donated books become the property of the library stewards. Most donated books will be circulated in the library. Books exceeding the available space may be temporarily stored by the stewards, and books may be rotated in order to provide a balance in terms of subject matter and reading level, as well as honor various cultural dates. 

Donated books that do not explicitly promote the library's mission will generally be accepted. Donated books that are particularly in opposition to our mission due to excessive bias or centering of privileged voices will be removed from the library and may be distributed to educational groups for facilitated discussion on bias, provided to artists for use in multimedia work, or shredded and recycled.